Best Portable AC in India

We know how important it is to have an air conditioner to beat the rising temperature every year because of the increasing pollution levels. Undoubtedly, Air conditioners have really made our lives comfortable but like every coin has two sides, Air conditioners too come with some disadvantages which at times are very annoying.

For, instance they are useful only for the specific room where you install them, also their installation is quite difficult and they are quite expensive.

But modern technologies have solutions for almost all your problems. And the solution for these problems is a Portable air conditioner. As the name suggests, the biggest advantage of a portable air conditioner is its portability.

You can move them anywhere in the house as you desire. It works absolutely fine like any other type of AC and provides you great cooling by removing all the heat and excess moisture in the atmosphere of the room/space where it is installed.

However, there are different types of Portable Air conditioners available in the market with different features and this can make it difficult to choose the best one for your home.

So, to make this task easier for you in this article we are listing the best portable air conditioner available in India. Let’s take a look at these products without further ado.


5 Best Portable Air Conditioners in India

1) Lloyd 1.0 Ton Portable AC

Lloyd 1.0 Ton Portable AC

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Lloyd is a brand by Havells which is a renowned name in the Indian market for its premium quality electrical equipment. And that is why you can rest assured about the working and durability of this portable air conditioner.

This portable 1-ton air conditioner comes with 100% inner grooved copper coils which have higher heat transfer capacity. Due to this, the room cools faster and ensures your comfort.

The condenser coils of this portable ac have blue fins which give a better cooling performance. The bluefins are corrosion resistant and increase the durability of this air conditioner.

Its clean air filters are a boon for people living in metro cities with high pollution levels. These filters combat the pollution and provide you fresh and clean air.

Another great thing about this portable air conditioner is its energy efficiency. This portable air conditioner was specially made to consume low energy and provide powerful cooling. The AC consumes a power of 1365 watts and has a cooling capacity of 3450 watts.

The Air conditioner comes with two-way swings and renders you uniform cooling. It also has the auto-restart feature. So, you need not worry in case of a power cut, your AC will restart on its own as soon as the power comes back in the same mode.

The main purpose of buying a portable air conditioner is its mobility. And with this Lloyd portable air conditioner, it is achieved perfectly as this portable air conditioner comes with wheels that can rotate 360 degrees and bear the load of the AC. Thus, moves the AC easily.

Its self-diagnosis feature detects the problem in case of the malfunctioning of the portable AC and displays it through the LED light.

One more feature that adds to the convenience of using this portable air conditioner is its feather-touch control panel. So you can change the settings of this mini portable airconditioner even with a touch on the screen.

Some more of its interesting features include a smart LED display, Sleep mode, Timer settings, handy and user-friendly remote, and top air throw.

The Air conditioner is suitable for small and medium-sized rooms( measuring around 100 sqft). It comes with a 1-year warranty.

The noise level of this portable air conditioner is 52 dB which is quite decent and noise won’t be a big issue with this air conditioner.

It is an elegant-looking portable air conditioner that not only is easy to operate and easy to maintain but also beautifies the entire look of your room.



User friendly

Great features

Energy efficient

Powerful cooling


Best suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.

2) Blue Star 1 Ton AC

Blue Star 1 Ton AC

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This mini portable air conditioner from Blue Star ranks second on our list because of its robust build with some advanced features. It is an ideal choice for rooms with an area of around 100 sqft.

Talking about the components, it comes with a rotary compressor which is highly efficient and has an in-built accumulator which enhances the cooling power of this portable air conditioner.

The Hydrophilic golden evaporator fins don’t allow the accumulation of water condensate as it keeps evaporating the accumulated ones and this also prevents the accumulation of dust and other particles.

Its filter is specially designed with a bactericide that reduces the spread of diseases through the air. The filter sterilizes the air and stops the growth of bacteria as well as collects the dust.

The evaporator coil has an anti-freeze thermostat that prevents frost formation and increases the life of the AC.

The mini portable air conditioner also features a tank full alarm that warns you when the tank is full of water so that you can empty the tank and avoid dripping of water.

This air conditioner is suitable for all weather conditions as it has special modes like the dry mode. In the dry mode, the AC absorbs all the moisture inside the room and provides powerful cooling.

It comes with caster wheels that make it easy to move across the house. It has the timer option which helps you to preset the time for which you want to run your AC with the time limit of 24 hours

The sleep mode helps retain a proper temperature and ensures you a sound sleep. But it also works as an energy saver mode as it alters the temperature to maintain a pleasant temperature while you sleep.

It features a remote control and a feather touch control that makes it easy to operate. This air conditioner also has the self-diagnosis feature that displays the error code in case of improper functioning of the AC. With the help of the error code, you can find out the issue in your portable AC.

The Auto-restart feature, Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant gas, energy efficiency, and lower noise level (52 dB)are also some of its salient qualities.

This portable air conditioner comes with a 1- year warranty on the product and the condenser whereas 5 years warranty on the compressor.


Great build




Impressive features

Lower noise level


It might need a double hose for the exchange of fresh air.



3) Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC (4-in-1 Floor)

Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC

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This Cruise Portable mini air conditioner is the most stylish-looking AC on the list. Its white and black color combination helps it go perfectly with any kind of room interiors. It is apt for a room with an area of around 120 sq ft.

This is a 4-in-1 air conditioner as it can work as an air conditioner, air purifier, dehumidifier, or even as a fan. Thus, you can operate it in the desired mode.

The dehumidifying mode removes the humidity and sticky heat from the room. This mode can be most helpful in summers and monsoons and is ideal for you if you stay in an area with a high humidity level. It can also be used as an air purifier or only as a fan.

The Air purification system of this Air conditioner is very effective as the air filters collect all the dust and other particles present in the air and makes sure that you breathe in clean and healthy air. Also, it very easy to maintain as the filtres are removable just by sliding them, so you clean them at regular intervals.

Talking about its technicality, it has got an incredible tropical rotary compressor which is effective enough to provide you powerful cooling even if the temperature rises to 50 degrees Celcius.

Its condenser has inner grooved copper tubes that make the process of heat exchange faster by 30–50%. Also, a copper condenser is 3 times more durable than a normal condenser.

Its condenser has also got blue hydrophilic coating that reduces moisture and humidity and protects it from rusting and corrosion thus making the product long-lasting.

The portable air conditioner has air vents inspired by the jet aero blades. These vents have a 120 degrees 2D wide-angle swing which provides airflow covering all the areas of the room and also helps in reducing the noise level of the air conditioner.

The installation of this portable air conditioner is very easy and hassle-free as it doesn’t require any mounting or drilling in the wall or window. The AC comes with an adjustable window slide kit and an exhaust pipe of 11 feet so that the hot air is easily extracted from the air conditioner and thrown out.

The auto evaporation system is another remarkable point about this mini air conditioner. All the water condensate is used for the cooling of inner coils and if any water remains then it is evaporated and thrown out through the exhaust pipe. This solves the problem of emptying the tank.

Its castor wheels provide hassle-free portability and minimize your efforts to move it from one room to another.

For its easy operation, it comes with a smart remote and a feather touch control system that also has a smart LED display. You can also set the time using the timer option.

The company provides a 1-year warranty on the unit, compressor, and condenser.


High-quality compressor

Easy to maintain

Easy to use

low noise level

good  portability




4) Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC

Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC

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Croma is another great brand when it comes to buying electronics for your house. Its products are durable and are made using advanced technologies.

The same applies to this portable air conditioner. It is a 1.5-ton air conditioner, thus it can easily cool a medium-sized room with an area of 180–200 sq ft.

It comes with a highly efficient single rotary compressor. The condenser is an important component of any air conditioner as the process of heat exchange is carried out by it. So, it good if the condenser is made with copper as it has the best heat transfer capacity.

Also, copper condensers are more long-lasting in comparison with other condensers. And with this AC you need not worry about the condenser as it has a 100% copper condenser with blue-coated condenser and evaporator fins. This prevents the accumulation of salts and corrosion on the condenser.

It is easily movable as it only weighs 52 kgs and has wheels. This is a 3-in-1 air conditioner as it can work as an AC, dehumidifier, or fan.

The portable AC has got a 4-way auto swing and that is why it can cool your room evenly reaching the air in all the corners of your room.

Another incredible feature of this portable AC is its ‘No dripping technology’. The condensed water is evaporated and expelled through the exhaust hose and thus there is no need to manually drain the tank.

Its installation is quite easy and doesn’t require a lot of space due to the compact design of the product.

We have chosen this portable Air conditioner also because of its versatility as it has got different modes like auto mode, sleep mode, and cool mode. In the auto mode, the air conditioner sets the temperature and fan speed based on the room’s temperature that is detected by the room temperature sensor. The cool mode helps in maintaining the cool temperature of your room.

It is quite user-friendly as well, as it has got a remote and also has a panel with buttons to select the settings of your Air conditioner. It also has a self-diagnosis feature that makes it easier to maintain.


3-in-1 portable air conditioner

User friendly

Advanced ‘No drip technology’

Easily portable

Good brand reputation


A little noisy



5) Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Portable AC

Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Portable AC

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This is another product from Blue Star which renders you best-in-class cooling.

One of its best features which usually is not found in other portable air conditioners is the acoustic insulation compressor jacket. It is placed around the rotary compressor which reduces the noise and vibrations created by the compressor.

The condenser is made up of 100% copper. It is anti-corrosive and comes with blue fins. The portable air conditioner also has a hydrophilic golden evaporator. Therefore, no water or dust particles are accumulated enhancing the cooling power of the AC. The AC also has an anti-freeze thermostat.

The fire-resistant enclosure around the PCB circuit makes it safer to use this Air conditioner. Its filters are anti-bacterial and are easy to clean and maintain.

It has wheels that make it easy to move around your home or office. the installation is quite easy and doesn’t involve any complicated steps.

One more important feature is the tank full alarm. The alarm gives you a hint when the tank is full so that you can drain the tank.


Fire enclosure around PCB circuit

Acoustic insulation compressor jacket

Highly efficient compressor

100% copper condenser


Manual drainage system



Frequently Asked Questions

Do Portable Air Conditioners work well?

Yes, portable air conditioners absolutely work well and provide good cooling like a normal air conditioner. They usually come with a highly efficient compressor, copper condenser, evaporator coil, blue-coated condenser, and evaporator fins, with an anti-free thermostat. All these factors contribute to the proper working of the Portable Air Conditioners.

What factors should one consider when buying a Portable Air conditioner?

Like any other appliance, there are also certain factors that one should consider when buying a portable conditioner.

Single or Double hose

Like any other air conditioning system, this too needs space for the exchange of exhaust and fresh air. But some might only require one hose and some might require two hoses. So, you need to check this factor.

Advanced features

Nowadays, the Portable Air conditioners come with many advanced features like feather touch control, self-diagnosis, LED display, and versatile modes. So, try buying one with all these advanced features.

Drainage System

The portable Air conditioners either come with a self evaporating system where there is no accumulation of water condensate and requirement of emptying the tank or they have a manual drainage system where you have to manually empty the tank.

Other factors

Other factors to keep in mind while buying a portable air conditioner are Brand, Area of the room, Cost, and noise level of the AC.

How noisy is a portable AC?

Portable Air Conditioners are neither too noisy nor too quiet. The noise level usually varies between 40–60 dB. The noise with these decibels is quite audible but not too loud that it would create a disturbance.

What Size of Portable AC should one choose?

The portable AC’s cooling power depends on the tonnage of the AC and the area of your room. Usually, 0.8 ton AC is apt for 100 sq ft, 1 ton AC for 150 sq ft, 1.5 ton AC for 250, 2 ton AC for 300–350 sq ft of area.

Why choose portable AC over a window unit?

The biggest benefit of buying a portable AC is its mobility. A window AC is restricted to a window only and won’t be useful for other rooms of your home. Another drawback is that it blocks the window and you won’t be able to enjoy the view outside your window. Also, a window AC is complicated to install in comparison with a Portable AC. Window AC also is a little expensive than portable ACs.


In the above article, we have introduced you to the best portable air conditioners available in India. We have discussed all its features in detail including its pros and cons so that you buy the product knowing all the information about it.

There’s also a section where we have answered some of the frequently asked questions and tried to clear some of the common doubts one has in mind when buying a portable air conditioner.

Hope that the article clears all your queries and helps you get the best portable air conditioner that fulfills all your requirements.