Voltas Vs Daikin Vs LG Air Conditioner (Which One is The Best)

One of those who doesn’t like summer? Don’t worry; we have the best-chilling device for you!

Not all of us are great fans of summer as they feel uncomfortable, sweaty, and sticky. The solution is easy and always at our hand; the AC’s remote. Yes, you got it right; Summers can be enjoyed at ease with the help of air conditioners that make summers more soothing.

But instead of being a boon, an AC can turn out to be a bane if the right one isn’t bought. Thus it is necessary to know the market and capture the right opportunity by purchasing the one that fulfills your need the best.

Current leading brands in AC’s market, such as Voltas, Daikin, and LG, have delivered quality performance over the years with increased efficiency due to technological advancements in this sector.

Despite knowing the leading brand, we tend to know and choose the best in class, so we have shortlisted the whole article with the key points in it for those in a hurry.



For people in a hurry and struggling to make the right decision.

Go for Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

The Daikin 1.5 ton offers more benefits than any other on our list regarding the 1.5-ton segment in split AC. It comes with a variable speed inverter compressor, which comes with an anti-microbial filter with a 5-star rating that makes it efficient and effective.

In this Daikin unit, the real deal-maker is the five-years PCB warranty with ten years on the compressor with the first five free services.

Whereas when it comes to window AC, our list topper is Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

It has the most efficient energy-saving mode at the most affordable price. This feature has made it the top seller in this segment since it has been launched.

How these factors affect the buying choice and how to make the right choice is discussed below.

Cooling CapacityVoltas miss the expectations by a few points, being the least on our list when it comes to effective cooling.Daikin provides the best in class cooling in all AC rangesLG has the most modern compressors with superior technology and better performing products, although the cooling capacity is still a little low than Daikin but better than voltas.
WarrantyUsually, 1 year on product
1 year on condenser
5 years on compressor
Usually, 1 year on product
1 year on condenser
Five years on PCB
10 years on compressor
Usually, 1 Year on product
10 Years Compressor with Gas Charging
5 Years warranty on PCB
Noise levelVoltas is known to be noisier than any other brand in the market. It is high in dB in almost every product compared to its counterparts.Daikin is better than Voltas.Due to the technological advancement and less use of mechanical parts, LG is the most silent competitor on our list.
Customer ServiceVoltas has the maximum number of service centers with faster-responding teams compared to others on our list. Daikin has fewer service centers compared to its competitors on our list. But it still manages to provide the best in class services.LG has the most efficient and faster customer service in terms of responding and maintaining the record.
PriceSince voltas’ main motto is to reach the maximum consumers with the best in class quality for the given price, it is always on the more affordable side.Being a Japanese company that makes no compromises, Daikin products are usually on the higher side of the price range but undoubtedly offer the best quality.LG is known for being an overall performer with the best services and superior quality, providing a reasonable price.


Voltas Vs Daikin Vs LG split AC


1)   Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

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Japanese Organizations have always created products that are made to last with the best in class reliability. Daikin is one of the most successful companies from Japan that have established their name worldwide. Dependability is considered more necessary nowadays than efficiency and power. But Daikin provides all making it the best combo as well as on top of our list.

There’s no massive difference between the AC’s on our list, but the minor ones determine their superiority, such as the Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC comes with a 5-star rating on power consumption, making it efficient and cools around 300 sq. ft, making it robust as well. This model was launched in 2018 with the following features mentioned below.


  • It comes with an inverter compressor with an auto-adjusting speed.
  • The condenser comes with a superior graved copper coil.
  • It helps save you on a stabilizer with Stabilizer Inside, Econo Mode, Indoor Unit Quiet Operation, Power Chill Operations that helps cool the room even faster.
  • One Year on the Product, One Year on the Condenser, five Years PCB Warranty, 10 Years on Compressor
  • Copper Condenser Coil that provides better cooling and requires low maintenance

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2)  LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split AC

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AI DUAL Inverter Split AC


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The South Korean company LG has established its roots successfully in India with quality service and best in class products using the most advanced technologies that make them efficient and affordable; However, the price range is usually on the higher side but is more economical in the long run.

One of its products is the 1.5-ton segment split AC with the inverter split technology. LG initially launched this product in 2019 and since then has been the top-selling Inverter AC from LG. The AC serves with a 6 in 1 feature that helps you save a lot. Let’s look into some of the best-in-class features of the product.


  • The AC comes with an inverter compressor that adjusts the power intake depending on the surrounding load or heat, making the power consumption more efficient.
  • The 1.5-ton capacity has the potential to cool 200 sq. ft of the area within a matter of a few minutes.
  • It has an antimicrobial filter and dual inverter technology that decreases the power consumption to 835.50 units annually, making it the most efficient.
  • The 6-in-1 technology with AI for uninterrupted superior cooling.
  • It has an auto-clean feature along with Monsoon comfort, Smart Diagnosis System, Low Gas Detection.
  • 1 Year Comprehensive warranty, 10 Years on Compressor along with Gas Charging, 5 Years warranty on PCB

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3)   Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

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With the parent company being Tata, it automatically turns out to be the most reliable and affordable product globally. Tata is known for its high-quality products all around the globe with its best-class services. Inaugurated in 1954, this company has raised the expectations of the consumers since then. This 1.5 ton AC is also one of its spectacular products.

The Voltas 1.5 ton AC also comes with a 5-star rating making it efficient to cool an area of 150 sq. ft, making it on the last of our list when it comes to faster cooling. The company launched this product in 2022 but has not been able to capture the market with it.


  • Copper condenser coil along with stabilizer-free operation.
  • One year on product, one year on condenser, five years on compressor
  • High ambient cooling with effective cooling even at 52 C
  • An advanced air purifier with an active humidifier
  • Multi-stage filtration advantage with 4-way auto Lauver.


Now that we know Daikin wins in the split inverter ACs segment, let’s see the window’s AC market capturer.

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Voltas Vs Daikin Vs LG windows AC


1)   Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

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Voltas is known to make the most affordable windows AC and has been the top seller in this segment. There had been a time when Voltas was a household name when it came to refrigerators. Growing up, nearly all of us had one of these in our houses, or someone else had a Voltas refrigerator in their homes. Though the business was never actively expanding, they focused upon their window air conditioner models, producing some of the finest 1.5-ton windows AC.

The Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC is one of the many promising trends in their product lineup with all the basics down. It delivers excellent cooling capabilities that function even in 55-degree outdoor heat. The AC also takes control of high humidity during the monsoon.


  • The company provides one year on product, one year on condenser, five years on compressor.
  • Unique Features such as an anti-bacterial Filter, Dust Filter, and Dehumidifier are inbuilt of this model.
  • The refrigerant gas used is R22.
  • The copper Condenser Coil provides better cooling and requires low maintenance.
  • Can cool room as big as 150 sq. ft in a few minutes.

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2)   Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

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Daikin, as mentioned above, is known for its quality products that last long with minimal maintenance.  The Power consumption of this model of Diakin is 1195 KWH, ISEER value: 2.91. Diakin is the one position holder in 1.5 ton split inverter AC segment but is number two here due to the design and price of the product as it also serves almost the same features as that of the voltas but covers less area that is 150 sq. ft.

The Daikin 1.5 ton window AC comes with an efficient 5-star rating showing the most efficient power consumption on our list. The efficient copper-binding makes it last longer than others with a minimum noise of  40 dB noise, making this the quietest on our list.


  • Daikin provides 1 Year on Product and 4 Years on Compressor.
  • The AC Comes with 100% Grooved Copper that provides efficient cooling.
  • Scores 5 stars on energy saving
  • Cools a room up to 125 sq. ft in just a few minutes.
  • It is built with sophisticated, specialized, and creative technologies.

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3)   LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Window

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Window

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LG makes some of the most sufficient 1.5 ton AC windows, and the LG 1.5 ton three Star Inverter Window AC is no exception. It looks different from everything else in the competition when it comes to Window ACs, optimizing a style for many years. The reason it lands second on our list is the price as other competitors on our list offer the same features at an affordable price.

The AC includes dual inverter motors that allow it to save energy and rapid cooling modes.  Dual inverter engines are also capable of working at deficient noise levels of up to 44 dB. For comparison, a library records a decibel level of approximately 40dB. LG also used copper for the whole heat exchanger, making for faster cooling.


  • 1 Year on the product and 10 Years on the Compressor.
  • Economical and easy to mount and has a variable speed compressor that changes power based on the heat load and is energy efficient.
  • It comes with black ocean protection on the coil that prevents it from Rust & Decay and improves Longevity with Uninterrupted Ventilation that Increase Durability.
  • The gas refrigerant used is R32 that is environmentally friendly with no ozone loss potential and minimal carbon footprint.
  • Energy Rating is 5 Star with best in class efficiency.

The clear winner from the above can be drawn to be the voltas 1.5 ton Windows AC. Now that we have mentioned the overall winner, everyone’s requirements can be different. Let’s see how to select the best one for yourself while buying one.

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Buyer’s Guide

There has been significant growth of the human population in the last century, which has increased human luxuries such as ACs. With the increase in consumption for AC units, users get more product lines of air conditioning units.

The level of knowledge among people has also increased. Still, before you invest a lot of money in AC for your residences, you need to be aware of different features. This purchasing guide is intended to make it simpler for you.



The atmosphere of the region where you live is critical since you need higher capacity air conditioners as the outside temperature rises. For example, in the summer, temperatures can be as high as 45 degrees Centigrade, while other cities will be about 38 to 40 degrees. Celsius at the very same time. The buying size depends totally on your home’s size as the size decides the amount of cooling required.


The house’s location is crucial since it depends on the rooms that could get warmer if the roof gets direct sunlight from the top throughout the day. The same pertains to the side walls. Regular use of the AC unit is essential, and so is the period of service for months throughout the year.


The tonnage is the heat that the air conditioning system extracts from the space in one hour. BTU is the statistical unit for tonnage (British Thermal Units). 1 ton is equivalent to 12000 BTU. The higher the BTU, the higher the cooling effect. We’ve just seen that the size/tonnage of the AC depends on different factors. You may also include a few more relative considerations, such as the number of inhabitants in the bed, the quantity of furnishings in the house, etc.

Size of the room

The air conditioning unit’s critical task is to remove the room’s heat, making it cold. So much depends on the size of the room. Understand that the AC device’s electricity efficiency relies on the quantity of heat present in the room. A 1.5-ton AC in a room measuring 120 square feet would function differently relative to the very same AC in a room measuring 150 square feet. This is because of the immense amount of hot air.


Electricity consumption in different modes

There are several modes wherein you could use the AC. Energy usage depends on the method of function of the AC.

  • Fan Mode

The compressor stays off in this mode. Users save massive amounts of energy, but the cooling of the room does not result. A ceiling fan will do a better job than that in less amount of energy.

  • Dry Mode

This is the perfect way to do it in a tropical atmosphere like the kind you find in areas by the sea. Using this mode aims to eliminate the humidity from the air and cool the space instantly. The fan operates at low rpm, and the compressor runs for a shorter time in more prolonged periods. The key goal is to remove the moisture and not to chill the room as well.

  • Cool mode

Typically this is the default mode for every AC. It depends on the temperature and rpm of the fan. Ideally, you can have the temperature set at 25 degrees Celsius. This is the most comfortable temperature to achieve the best possible quality.

  • Power saving mode

In this configuration, the compressor shuts down when the air temperature exceeds the amount set in the thermostat. The fan keeps going to stay calm. When the temperature reaches a certain amount, the compressor can start working again. The compressor is the most significant consumer of energy. Since it oscillates in the on and off role, it absorbs less energy.

  • Quick Cool Mode

Strictly speaking, this is not an alternative to conserve energy. But you have this function in specific Ac systems where the AC continues to run at a fixed temperature of 16 or 18 degrees Celsius instead of 25 degrees Celsius in regular mode.

  • Sleep mode

This is a unique mode wherein the AC raises the thermostat temperature by 1 degree per hour till it increases the temperature by 2 degrees. By night, the outside is colder. This facility means that your AC uses less energy.


Basics of buying an Inverter AC

In a standard AC, the compressor runs at maximum load while it is on. When the optimal temperature is achieved, the compressor turns off, and the fan begins to run. Once the temperature reaches above the limit, the compressor starts again and operates at maximum power. This means that the compressor runs at just two stages, top and empty.

This is not the case for the AC inverter. These compressors run at varying speeds. The compressor never turns off in this technology. It’s still going on. But, in doing so, it operates at different rates, drawing less energy. It’s more or less like the action of the accelerator in a vehicle. You click the lever as you accelerate the rpm. When you want to slow down, it’s enough to detach the foot from the gas pedal. The car continues to cruise without using any petrol.

Thus, inverter technology is a power-saving function only available in split AC models. The benefits of using inverter AC systems is that they are incredibly energy-consuming. The 3-star AC inverter is identical to the standard 5-star AC splitter. This demonstrates the efficiency of the AC inverter concerning the non-inverter ACs.



Living indoors during the summer could be a little uncomfortable, significantly if you only depend on a fan or a cooler. Once the humidity sets in, the coolers do more harm than good, and whether you have laptops or other delicate devices around, the coolers can be risky. One obvious answer to all these issues is to have an air conditioner. A decent AC will cool your space efficiently and make sure of the heat that comes with the Indian summer.

Although split ACs are certainly a luxurious commodity and seem to cost a lot, you might very well find yourself a window AC, which would not only cool down almost as efficiently but also cost you a lot less.

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