Split AC Vs Window AC Vs Inverter AC

An Air conditioner is no more considered a luxury instead it has become a necessity of every house. But one question that often baffles people when they look for an air conditioner for their houses is what kind of air conditioner to buy? This is because there are different kinds of air conditioners available in … Read more

What Is Inverter AC and Why you Should Buy it

Currently,  we are steadily shifting into an era where our gadgets and tools are rapidly turning smart. It took almost ten years to switch to bar phones from the traditional telephones. Now, we have gradually moved to an era of smartphones in no time; interestingly, it has become a part of our daily lives. Perhaps … Read more

Can an Ac Run on Inverter

The trending Inverter has turned out to be the AC inverters that can run the Air conditioners for a considerable amount of time. Yes, You heard that right; the inverters can run a fully functional Air conditioner for a certain amount of time, depending on the inverter’s capacity! In an era that is quite prominent … Read more