What Is Inverter Ac and Why You Should Buy It

Currently,  we are steadily shifting into an era where our gadgets and tools are rapidly turning smart. It took almost ten years to switch to bar phones from the traditional telephones.

Now, we have gradually moved to an era of smartphones in no time; interestingly, it has become a part of our daily lives. Perhaps that’s the power technology holds today. To make our lives convenient and subtle within a blink.

We are backed by a lot of technical supplements that strive to add more comfort to our routine life. One such technology is the smart inverter AC.

It is a revolutionary technology to beat the challenges posed by obsolete electro motors of compressors. Apart from this, inverter AC is used in most houses and workplaces, as it helps regulate the electric voltage, current, and frequencies. Its versatile capacity to adjust the power supply according to the need is a boon to its compressor.

These DC inverter units have several frequency drives that uplift the dysfunction and regulates the speed of electromotors in the compressor. In simple words, the variable frequency drives modulate the cooling/heating ability of the compressor. Thereby these minute drives internally convert AC to DC and then, through little regulation in the frequency, can make significant differences in the overall functionality of the Inverter AC.

The inverter Air conditioner units have enhanced the overall quality and performance. As they contribute effectively in terms of speed, they provide an extended life span, plus the fluctuation and extra load on the compressor are eliminated. It makes the compressor AC more soft and noiseless. The inverter AC helps to lower your unwanted maintenance cost and easily rescues the breakdowns.


Advantage of Inverter AC



Inverter Air conditioners have a feature where the compressors are not utilized to their optimum level; the compressors operate depending upon the temperature required in the room. In short, if the compressor needs more power, it gives more control and vice versa.

This is how it can reduce power consumption and help you save from paying hefty electricity bills.


Energy- Efficient

Inverter technology is known to be the perfect option for economic and energy-saving activity. In the inverter model, heating and cooling are automated in a streamlined and energy-saving way. Simultaneously, the former technologies used a lot of power to the user, regardless of application.


Better cooling

A non-inverter AC cannot change the cooling frequency, so it cannot cool the area faster as required. On the other hand, compressors in the inverter AC can operate faster to cool the entire place quickly, depending upon the requirement.


Silently operates

Since the revolutionary compressor technology in the inverter AC is undoubtedly the core solution to all the problems, the internal conditioning units look after and regulate the sound vibration coming from the internal functions and lower the compressor’s frequency. As a result, you can have a sound sleep.


Limits the damages

Another advantage of the inverter AC is that the compressor lasts longer than the standard AC that keeps you from facing compressor problems like “AC compressor not functioning, but the fan is working” in the future. This is because the compressor absorbs the most damage during initialization, and because the inverter AC begins slowly, the damage incurred to the compressor is minimal.


The Disadvantage of Inverter AC:-


Poor insulation

Inverter AC’s performance decreases when the room is exposed to heavy sunlight or the air leaking in from the outside. So it is essential to ensure proper insulation while using inverter AC. Poor insulation reduces the efficiency of the Air conditioner.


High maintenance cost

Usually, inverter air conditioners do not need special maintenance, yet components that make the AC inverter are costly. Its restoration and servicing is also an expensive part. If you think the issue isn’t that major, you can simply save a lot of expense by cleaning the dust at the air filter, refilling the gas to improve the cooling quality.


Increase humidity

If the AC inverter is too high for your room, it will run regular short cycles to sustain the correct room temperature. This would result in the room being too hot or too cold instantly, but without effectively dehumidifying the air. As a result, even though the right temperature is achieved, the humidity persists.


Costly purchase

The Inverter AC is a modern idea. The technology is relatively recent. The demand for these air conditioners is still not high on the market. The amalgamation of modern technology and effective performance compared to the regular AC makes it an expensive deal to crack.



Inverter AC v/s non Inverter AC


Compressor unit

The effective compressors in inverter air conditioners make it unique and cost-effective from the regular compressor. In the inverter, AC compressors convert the refrigerant gas into a liquid form. This helps to maintain a cool temperature in the room, in contrast to the non-inverter AC has an irresistible compressor. As a result, it works to its full capacity or may not run at all.



Since the regular air conditioner has a fixed diameter, it is hard to inhibit it in a small room. But the inverter technology is said to have met this cap due to its versatility. It can be tailored to any room. That’s why Traditional Air Conditioners are less favored because they don’t have a speed/variable tonnage facility. The inverter AC is more compact and lightweight.



The inverter air conditioner is a more robust and compact device owing to the controlled compressor mechanism. Undoubtedly both the AC cools the room, but with the help of compressors, the inverter AC is versatile enough to perform its task faster than the conventional AC. With that, it helps in power consumption.



Perhaps this is the only factor where non-inverter AC overpowers inverter AC’s ability beneath its low cost. Not to forget its installation charges are equally high. However, it is often debatable and increased time to inverter technology air conditioner as a one-time investment because If you’re willing to use the AC for a long time, you’re bound to save a lot of money on your electricity bill.


Inverter AC vs Normal AC:-


Technology in inverter and non-inverter AC

In general Inverter, AC is an automated device with smart inverter technology that adjusts AC’s mechanism to DC and vice versa. In terms of air conditioning units, the inverter is used to control the frequency of the power supply of the compressor motor to adjust the cooling/heating capability of the unit. The inverter air conditioner includes a variable-speed compressor that controls the temperature to produce precisely the right amount of cooling. On the flip side, regular AC on “all or none.”


Operation of Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

An inverter air conditioner controls the compressor’s speed to regulate the refrigerant’s movement to change the air conditioning temperature as needed. When the unit is turned on, the compressor inside the unit can operate at maximum speed without starting and stopping periodically.

This maintains proper cooling or heating capacity as desired.

A Normal air conditioner provides a set volume of electricity-dependent on room temperature. This allows the compressor to go off until the target room temperature is reached and resume again when the temperature rises.


Energy efficiency

The critical distinction between the inverter’s air conditioner and the traditional inverter is how they work at room temperature. An inverter air conditioner system, cooling, and heating is an automated mechanism. The sensor within the device changes the power supply according to the room temperature, which automatically lowers the electricity usage, making it more energy-efficient.


The noise of Inverter and regular AC

Depending on the room temperature and ambient temperature, an inverter air conditioner’s heating/cooling power varies. Since the compressor does not go off and on within the unit as much as its non-inverter equivalent does, it operates at a moderate temperature and is much quieter at performing its task.

The standard inverter is quite the opposite when it comes to service. They are less effective as they turn on and off automatically; thereby it produces more noise.


How To Use Inverter AC to Save Electricity

Given below are a few tricks and tweaks to save electricity and maintenance expenses.

  1. The first step is to ensure a clean indoor filter, which is usually located behind or on top of the AC. all you need to do is pull it out and put it under clean water to grim off the dirt.

The process might not seem relevant at first, but if it clubs up a lot of dust, that will reduce the air quality, and indirectly, the compressor will have to work even harder to cool the room. Hence this little step can be an ultimate savior.

  1. Apart from this, always find an AC with a swing mode feature as you can regulate the

Mode and save some electricity.

  1. A top quality wiring in the house ensures a better flow of current, which in turn helps in

Lesser wastage of electricity.

  1. Never buy a second-hand electronic device as it is less energy efficient.
  2. Don’t forget to check reviews and ratings before investing in an Air conditioner.

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